Text 11 Apr Our Project…

Objective: To bring clean water to small rural community in western Kenya called Isongo.

Our story begins in Kakamega, a city 30 minutes away from Isongo. The volume of orphaned street children in the city drew the attention of Simiyu House, an NGO that focuses on helping underprivileged communities in Kenya. Simiyu House built a house in Isongo that would provide shelter and bring education to the street children in Kakamega. 

However, after realizing the poor state of community’s water supply, Simiyu House reached out to EWB@umbc in hopes that we could come up with a solution to their problem.

This water source, the sole source in the area, is about 20 minutes away from the community. 

We meet every Wednesday from 4-5PM in ITE 456. Come visit if you’re interested in helping out with this fulfilling cause!

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