Text 20 Nov General Body Meeting (Nov. 20, 2013)


*EWB Project documents

    - Completed all the necessary documents (for implementation trip) on Sunday

*Travel Applications

     - Deadline: November 27 

*Film Festival

   - Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013 

   - Lecture Hall 1 from 6-9 PM 

 Committee Summaries 

*Fundraising/Grant Writing Committee

    - Raised a lot of money from the grants (~$6000) 

     - $1000 from GiveCorps page 

*Research Committee

     - Finished and submitted documents 

    - Need to re-elect new research chair 

    - Need to have PowerPoint presentation about implementation report           (Due Week of Dec. 2

   - Long-term goal: to set up EWB Google Website 

*PR/IT Committee

     -  Work on EWB Google Website 

     - Skit ( Deadline before trip)

Film Festival Planning

*EWB video slideshow

*EWB PowerPoint

*Interview members from the assessment trip, as well as other active members of the group

*Sign up to bring food 

*Sign up sheet

*Bring pictures, laptops for websites 


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