Text 9 Oct General Body Meeting (Oct. 9, 2013)

Announcement of New E-Board Chairs

*Chapter Liaison - Niara Comrie

*Research Chair - My Nguyen

*PR/IT Chair - Pablo Zambo

 General Announcements

- EWB Film Festival ( in November?)

- Bently Software

Committee Updates 

*Fundraising/Grant Writing Committee

    - Pulling more different majors into the committee

    - Looking into 5K race

    - Collaboration with restaurants

    - Holding events with crafts and recycling cans 

*Research Committee

     - Next week, plan on reiterations of the paper (e.g. ownership)

     - Trying to figure out how to come up with a new schematic 

             ~ PR/IT: Find someone to photoshop new diagram* PR

*PR/IT Committee

     - Set up advertising media:

          ~ Twitter: EWB@UMBC

          ~ Instagram: umbc_ewb

    - Video for International Education Week (Nov. 3)

    - Possible involvement in harvest festival

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