Text 29 Jul Summer Meeting (July 29, 2013)
**Winter 2014 Trip to Isongo, Kenya (Pre-Implementation Report)**

Hydrogeological Survey (Info for report)

* Recommended borehole diameter: 203 mm

* Casing —> in construction section of report

* Recommended borehole depth: max. 120 m 

Memorandum of Understanding (Q’s for Eric Smith)

* Redefine/discuss money being charged per person or household 

Report Review Readout 

Discuss criterion based on hydrogeological report

* Need to put in locations, fill in table of specifications, proposed well design, and other additional info from the hydrogeological report

* Need contingency plan and well development completed

* Complete project ownership

Pre-Implementation Trip Report

Wrap-up and Action Item Review

* Final Version due 8/05/13

Next Meeting Agenda

*Final Version of Report Reviewed

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