Text 1 Jul Summer Meeting (July 1, 2013)

**Winter 2014 Trip to Isongo, Kenya (Pre-Implementation Report)**


 Jun 17 - Team Roles Finalized

* June 24 - Initial Draft of Intro & Project Background 

* July 1 - Review Design w/ Team

*July 15 -Section drafts for review by entire team

*July 29 - Final draft reviewed @ team meeting 

*Aug 5- Section Finals complete & reviewed @ team meeting

*Aug 15 - Report complete ready

*Sept. 5 - Submit report

*Oct. 15 - Respond to inquires

*Jan 13 - UMC EWB leaves for Africa

Team Purpose & Responsibilities

* Project Leader - Tuck Burton

* Secretary - Madison Bondoc 

*Faculty Advisor - Dr. Lee Blaney

*Professional Engineer Mentor - Mr. Duane Wilding

*Chief Editor - Arundhathi 

*Technical Leader - Kiran

*Fundraising Lead - Chris Mullen

*Members/Section Leads - All 

Report SectionResponsibilities

Intro, Project background, Conclusion: Madison Bondoc

*Design: Swarnalatha Balasurbramanian, Sasan Sharee Ghourichaee

*Construction: Ke He, Kiranmayi Mangalgiri, Fabrice Nkodo-Atangana

* Sustainability: Arundthathi Venkatasubraman

*Ownership & Community Agreement/Contract: Mr. Duane Wilding

*Monitoring & Site Ass: Arundhathi Venkatasubraman, Fabrice Nkodo-Atangana, Andrew Bofto

Cost Estimate:

PE Assessment: Mr. Duane Wilding

*Appendices: TBD

* Administrative Information: 

*Budget, Donors, & Funding: Dr. Lee Blaney

*Professional Mentor-Resume: Mr. Duane Wilding


*Section Drafts due 7/15/13

*Final Drafts due 7/29/13


*Hydrogeologist is scheduled to be in Isongo TOMORROW, 7/2/13

*Consideration of a third pump: bluepump/afripump

Design Review (Sec. 4 &6)

* Current water source

*Springhead vs. Bore hole, Borehole siting

*Well depth, diameter, (Hydraulic consideration)

*Drilled wells

*Well disinfection

*Pumping systems - design calculations

*Pumping seletion

*India Mark vs. Afridev Pump installation

Community Agreement and Ownership 

Complete Section Assignments

*Pre Implementation Trip Report

*Sections distribution excel spreadsheet

Community Agreement and Ownership

*In charge of section: Mr. Duane Wilding 

Cost Estimate and Sustainability

* For the Borehole

Complete Section Assignments

Wrap-up and Action Item Review

Next Meeting Agenda

* Go over start of Cost Estimate and Sustainability

* Discuss Ownership and Community Agreement 

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