Text 15 Apr General Body Meeting (April 15, 2013)
Committee Goals for the End of the Semester

*PR/IT Committee 

   -Set up Haiku social event

   - Hygiene Project/Posters for Isongo Community (?)

*Fundraising/Grant Writing Committee

   -Write up one more grant 

*Research Committee

  - Need to finalize borehole design 

General Announcements

  -Connecting Communities Events - April 26 (11:00-2:00 PM)

      ~ Email Zach (@ umbc.ewb@gmail.com) if you can attend as an EWB representative 

  - URCAD abstract has been approved; Dalton and Chris are presenting (around noon) on April 24

  - T-shirts are in (email secretary (Madison) at UMBC.ewb.secretary@gmail.com if you signed up for/ still want a t-shirt)

Quadmania** - This Weekend 10-10pm 

  ~ Selling EWB glass cups

 ~ Working on EWB poster board

 ~ Print out brochures for Quadmania 

 ~ If anyone can volunteer during Quadmania, or help out with the posterboard PLEASE contact Zach @ umbc.ewb@gmail.com or myself, @ UMBC.ewb.secretary@gmail.com 


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