Text 1 Apr General Body Meeting (April 1, 2013)
Committee Updates

*PR/IT Committee 

   - Rock the Boarders (event work in progress) - confirmed date April 18

*Fundraising/Grant Writing Committee - N/A

*Research Committee

  - Confirmed final decision: Borehole

 - Have list of materials and costs for borehole but need additional details

  - Goal: Still working on finalizing design

General Announcements

  - Fr. Chris may be going to visit the U.S.

  - URCAD abstract has been approved; Dalton and Chris are presenting (around noon) on April 24

  - T-shirts are in (email secretary (Madison) at UMBC.ewb.secretary@gmail.com if you signed up for/want a t-shirt)

  - Google earth is completed (will be sent to list serve)


-Looking into guide about clean water projects, products, and pumps

      ~ For more information: ww.clean-water-for-laymen.com

   - Reminding that our responsibility for the design and water sanitation project, making sure its easy to maintain by the community; want a sustainable solution

Upcoming Events

 * Hydro geologist Speaker - April 15

- Possible flyers or make announcement during class

     - Get title, headshot, abstract information about speaker 

     - Get spotlight for next monday

* Global Forum Innovation @ College Park - Sat., April 6

- For more information: innovation2013.com 

*Engineering Skill Workshop @ College Park - Sun., April 7

- Ex. Auto-repair workshop

Goals (for Committees and General Body Members)

   - Try to be more involved in hands-on experience with activities relating to our project (ex. concrete mixing)

    - For summer to send to Kenya

         ~ Bring things such as sanitation kits and pamphlets

         ~ Get images, data and dust (?) form water sources in the Wet season during summer

         ~ Get data on elevations, possible soil testing data

EWB @ UMBC: umbc.ewb@gmail.com

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