Text 4 Mar General Body Meeting (March 4, 2013)

Isongo Water System Project ~ PowerPoint Presentation (Overview)

*By EWB Research Committee


   - High Nitrate Levels (1.5-2.0 mg/L), unprotected \water source,  

     unsanitary latrines

* Goals - to provide clean water solution for the community

*Two Alternatives:

    - Bore Hole

       ~ Pros: Better long term strategy, best water quality

       ~ Cons: higher cost, more maintenance

    - Spring Head

       ~ Pros: Low cost, less impact on environment

       ~ Cons: Lower quality of water, difficult to funnel water through pipe

* Using Decision matrix —> decided on BORE HOLE

    - Total: ~ $33,600

    - Labor: preparing the site, hiring driller, test pumping, etc.

    - Materials: hand pump, gravel, metal cage, well screen/casing, concrete basin

* Other possibilities:

   - Composting Toilets

   -Metal gate installation

   - Building basin for spillage 

Committee Updates

*PR/IT Committee - N/A

*Fundraising/Grant Writing Committee

 - Working on paperwork for URCAD Application

*Research Committee

  - Decision for solution: Bore hole (still subject to change)


* Update EWB poster board with new pictures and information from assessment trip 

 *PR/IT Committee

   - Post donators’ names on the EWB Tumblr and Facebook page (?) 

   - Make EWB flyers to hand out 

   - Connecting with other student organizations, hosting more social events with them 

*Contact UMBC departments for donations (e.g. African studies department, fine arts department, etc.) 

*Get more details on cost estimates from Fr. Chris? 


EWB @ UMBC: umbc.ewb@gmail.com

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