Text 22 Feb E-Board Meeting (February 22, 2013)

General Announcements

Presentation/Talk by the EWB travel team last Wednesday, was successful

*Breaking Ground article in progress

* EWB in progress of applying to URA 

*Activity Fair - April 13th 

*T-shirts have been ordered, should be coming ~ March 8

*Get involved in Quadmania? 

*Send test kits to Eric Smith

Committee Updates

*Grant Writing: grant narrative in progress

* Research:

      -  Meeting next Tuesday

      - Going to decide which alternative we are choosing

      - Setting up matrix to make decision 

Reflection of this Semester

* More people are coming, joining, getting involved in our committee meetings

*Becoming more established (without websites, our chapter in the EWB-USA website) 

* Very involved professional engineer, Dwane Wilding

Things to Improve/Goals

* Increase visibility around campus

Getting articles in the retriever —> interview with travel team, learn more about the culture/people of Isongo, Kenya

*Getting more defined roles, structure in our group

*Update EWB website on myumbc —> put meeting times available

*Set up a Flickr for EWB

*Committees show progress, notes on website —> every 2 months, on the time line 

*Organize tumblr notes 

*3-5 minute video of our meetings, to promote EWB

*Work on EWB poster for URA

*Try to collaborate with other non-profit organizations

*Have a linkedin, get more networking (for PR/IT Committee)

Ideas for Meeting Structure

* At the beginning of meeting, the new people come to the front (talk to Zach, get caught up); the members already in the committee go in the back and discuss among themselves

* Have new people ask their questions, introduce themselves AFTER the meeting 

* Regroup at the end of the meeting, summarize findings/goals, etc. 

*Use overhead to show agenda/goals for each meeting 

Definition of Positions

*Research: Hollie Adejumo

* Grant Writing/Fundraising - Dalton Hughes

* Meeting Coordinator - Rosalind Ramsey 

*Secretary - Madison Bondoc

     - Meeting notes, EWB GBM emails

* Co-Presidents - Chris Mullen & Zach 

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