Text 19 Feb General Body Meeting (February 18, 2013)

Committee Updates

*PR/IT Committee

   -Discussed general goals for this semester:

        ~ Having more joint events with other organizations (e.x. African Student Association, Culturally Allied Student Association, Society of Women Engineers) 

*Fundraising/Grant Writing Committee

    - Grant narratives due at the end of the month (updates are in progress)

   - Prefer to use bore-hole in grant writing 

*Research Committee

    -Working on a timeline

    - Requesting for information from other committees, i.e. Chris and Dalton’s trip 

General Announcements

* Main Focus: Finding a solution to our Isongo Project 

*Implementation Trip - Next January

*Wednesday, 11 AM (ITE 233) - Chris and Dalton’s talk about the assessment trip 

*Saturday, April 13 - Campus activity fair (Looking for people to coordinate), talk about EWB project 

*Rock the Borders Project (Thursday, April 18) 

Discussion (Brainstorming solution ideas)

*Looking into bore-hole (?), spring head, skyfall 

*Using a design matrix in decision-making 

*Compositing Latrine

Goals (for Committees and General Body Members)

Planning out more community services

       -Reach out to the Habitat for the Humanity (for team building and promoting EWB) 

*PR/IT Committee

  - Work on joint events with other organizations

  - Putting together a “hygiene” project? 

*Fundraising/Grant Writing Committee

    - Finalize grants due by the end of February

    - Meetings, Wednesday Free hour (Fireside lounge), bi-weekly 

*Research Committee

    - Prepare decision matrix and present to group in next meeting 

     - Put together a short presentation about the options for project’s solution

     - Meetings, Tuesday (5-6 pm) 

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