Text 4 Feb General Board Meeting (February 4, 2013)

PowerPoint Presentation (Overview)

*Main mission: to implement economically and cost effective solutions for areas in need of help (ex. water sanitation)

*EWB: international organization, implementing economically and cost effective solutions (ex. water sanitation) for areas in need of help 

*Current Project: Water Sanitation for Community in Isongo, Kenya 

    -Goal: to provide clean water source

    -Assessment trip —> Completed in Winter break

General Announcements

* Biweekly GBMs: Every Monday starting TODAY, @ 4-5:30 PM

Assessment Trip Update

*Assessment Team:

   - Lee Blaney, Ph.D

   - Duane Wilding, PE

   - Dalton Hughes

   - Chris Mullen

*Local NGO - Simiyu House

*Focus: creating clean, secure drinking source in the area of Isongo

*Community wants:

    -To protect water source (used for drinking, cooking, hygiene)

    -To purify their water

*Data collected

    -Bacteria tests (ex. for E.coli)

    -Chemical Analysis (phosphorus & nitrogen levels)

    -Results: showed high levels of bacteria & chemicals

* Interviewing Isongo Residents

    - Found contamination, safety hazards from their latrines (unimproved, unprotected)

    - Found issues in using water for hygiene, and food/drinking

* Visit to Masinde Muliro University

    - Bonded/talked w/ fellow engineer students in Kenya

* Proposed Solution

    -Educate residents on the project, and the hygiene and water sanitation

    - Dig a borehole

    -Construct a spring box


 * Raise awareness across UMBC Campus



*Fundraising Goal: $26,000 


    - Construction Materials

    - Lodging/Food

*Join a committee today:

    -Fundraising & Research

      ~ In charge of obtaining info/research for the project at hand

    -PR/IT (Public relations/Information Technology)

     ~ Organizes information, maintain websites (tumblr, facebook, twitter, google docs, etc.)

     ~ Working on the hygiene sub-project

    -Fundraising & Grant Writing

     ~ 2 big grants due (need to get information organized form trip) by end of February

    ~ Fundraiser idea: Sell/make engraved glass cups (from Isongo) in the breezeway

     ~ Reaching out to local engineering firms, giving presentations about our project 


EWB @ UMBC: umbc.ewb@gmail.com

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