Text 3 Dec General Board Meeting (December 3, 2012)

Committee Updates

* PR/IT Committee

   - Camille has been emailing companies from the EWB conference 

General Announcements

* Overview of Assessment Trip Itinerary

   - Meet w/ local leader, university students and local government of Kakamega (get an

       idea of project & basic needs of community)

   - Days on trip to assess area (January 16-24, 2013

   - Objectives

       ~ Rebuild contacts 

       ~ Collect info

       ~ Test water supply 

   - 3 Days: 

     ~ Water testing, site mapping, surveying existing water sanitation infrastructure


 * Assessment Trip Travel Team

       - Create a check list for health services, immunization shots, etc. required for 

        assessment trip 

       - Fill out the remaining forms for the trip

       - Find flights for the set date of the trip 

* Short term

      - Compile info. packet regarding the social norms, cultural “Do’s and Don’ts,” and

         the community itself

* Long term

       - Fundraising/Grant-writing Committe

           ~ Need to raise money via fundraising events

       - Talk to more companies, for next semester

       - T-shirts (get design/order for spring semester)

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