Text 5 Nov General Board Meeting (November 5, 2012)

Committee Updates

* PR/IT Committee

   - Contacted 4-5 possible professional engineer candidates

* Fundraising/Grant-writing Committee

   - Have list of ~ 45 companies to contact

* Research Committee

   - Worked on finalizing pre-assessment form

General Announcements 

    - Chris and Dalton were selected as candidates for the assessment trip 

    - Rough estimate of dates for the trip: January 15-25, 2012 

Goals (for Committees and General Body Members)

* Read through objectives of an assessment trip (refer to EWB-USA site) 

* PR/IT Committee

    - Have a confirmed professional engineer that can go on the assessment trip

    - Have brochures printed/ready to send to companies, departments, etc

* Fundraising/Grant-writing Committee

     - Look up/decide on fundraising ideas

         ~ Possibly working with the fire department?

     - Look up gear/equipment donations for the trip

     - Send letters to the department and company

* Research Committee

     - Focus on finalizing the pre-assessment form

     - Research on what we’re going to do in Isongo

     - Acquire general info. about Isongo 

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