Text 22 Oct General Board Meeting (October 22, 2012)

General Announcements

*Overview of UMBC pond water testing

   - Good results, possibility of using similar testing in Kenya

* No immediate visit from Johns Hopkins, but will still be in contact

Committee Updates

* Research Committee 

    - Member has looked into safety aspect of trip

    - Pre-assessment form in progress of being completed (will be done by Friday) 

* Fundraising/Grant-Writing Committee

     - Draft needed to be revised/looked over

 * PR/IT Committee

      - N/A

Goals (for Committees & General Board Members) 

* Volunteering throughout the community in the name of EWB, being involved in services to  improve the community 

   - Stream cleanups

   - Working with Habitat for Humanity, build houses

   - Helping w/ distribution of water in certain areas

* EWB social events 

   - Email Zach if interested in in planning events 

*New ideas for future meetings 

    - Cultural presentation on going to Kenya (Do’s and Don’ts)

    - Learning more about the equipment being used in Kenya

    - Health presentation to prepare for trip

    - Bring in professional engineers/scientists to visit/talk

         ~ Ask professional engineer to come and talk

* Need to find new professional engineer by November 11

*Make posters/flyers advertising assessment trip

*Apply to be one of the students to go on assessment trip

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